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Paint protection film | Ceramic coating | Window tinting

The Upstates preferred paint protection specialists.

Protection you need from people you can trust.

Discover the secret to a flawless finish

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Paint Protection Film

A self healing film that prevents scratches, rock chips and fading while making your vehicle easy to clean all while improving re-sale value. PPF is an investment future you will appreciate.


Modesta ceramic coatings

Simplify your washing process and and intensify the deep gloss that keeps your vehicle turning heads. Chemical resistant, hydrophobic, and scratch resistant. Spend less time washing and more time driving. 


Window tinting

With a wide range of shades you have endless options to create your desired aesthetic while adding temperature control, privacy and protection from cancer causing UV rays. Protection for your interior and its occupants!


Paint correction

Safely eliminate imperfections, scratches, haziness, swirls and manufacturer defects from your painted surface. A necessary step before all ceramic coatings to ensure a flawless finish. See your reflection in the paint again! 


PROTECTION you can trust


Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film (commonly referred to as Clear Bra) is a durable, self healing film measuring 8.5mil thick. It is custom fitted and placed on the surface the vehicle providing a barrier against environmental hazards such as rocks and road debris. The film we use at ZDD is Suntek Films, Reaction PPF.

Self healing Properties

12 year manufacturers warranty, plus our professional warranty.

Innovative 3D Pattern technology and customization software for precise and safe installation

The ultimate defense against rock chips, Suntek Reaction PPF provides a durable 8.5mil thick layer of protection between rocks and your paint. From single panel to full body film installation, we've got you covered. Literally.









Modesta ceramic coatings

The most sophisticated and scientifically advanced coatings on the market, complete with maintenance products formulated to guarantee longevity and reduce the amount of time you spend washing, so you can spend more time driving.

Window tinting

Wether you're going for a darker aesthetic or barely there appearance, Suntek Window Films has you covered. Increase the comfort of your cabin by decreasing glare, UV exposure and heat. Industry leading technology and recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as a preventative measure 

Paint Correction

Paint correction is the art of restoring and rejuvenating the paintwork of a vehicle. Wether its new, antique, or anywhere in-between, paint is rarely perfect. From scratches and swirls to manufacturer defects this process safely eliminates the imperfections and restores gloss.

 our work


Start from
the beginning


Established in 2017, Zach's Dynamic Detailing is a family owned and operated full service automotive detailing business. We specialize in Suntek paint protection film and window tint installation, paint correction and Modesta ceramic coatings


We saw a need for film installers whose emphasis was on high quality film installation, covering all edges possible and providing custom, bulk installations for unique projects without precut patterns.

Thats why we exist, Protection for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts. 

We offer a curated experience and extensive detailing services specifically tailored for enthusiasts, everyday drivers and the avid collector.  From full restoration style detailing to full body film installations and everything in between, we make it simple for you to protect and maintain your vehicle. 

Spend LESS time worrying, and MORE time driving. 


Ford Mustang GT350R


"Brought my 2019 GT350R to Zach and my car has never looked so good!!! Got windows tinted, partial clear wrap and full ceramic coating and he did an awesome job!!! The price was great for the job he did. I will recommend him to anyone in the upstate!!! Way to go Zach!"



"Zach and Leanne are a joy to do business with. I have always been a perfectionist when it comes to auto care and detailing- finding a business that does work that I cannot do with the same mindset has been a fruitless search until now. They treat every job like it is going home into their own garage. The support and knowledge they offer afterwards in maintenance and care for your vehicle is second to none. ZDD sets the bar as THE industry standard of excellence. I recommend them to anyone wanting assurance that their expectations will be exceeded."

ZDD 997.jpg


"I took my Porsche 911 to Zach’s Dynamic Detailing because they specialize in high end detailing. The owners (Zach and Leanne) and the staff are consummate professionals. They recommended paint protection, ceramic coating, and wrapping for my vehicle to return it to showroom quality. They picked up and delivered my car which made the process so much easier. My car turned out great and I have received countless compliments on how it looks after entrusting ZDD with work. I’ll definitely be using them in the future"



Zach and Leanne were professional and excellent to work with. I had my “new” to me used car in for a paint protection film install. The attention to detail and install work performed was top notch. The communication to what i was looking for to the final delivery was also superb. Highly recommend if your looking for great products used and masters of their craft. I will be back with future new cars.

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