Wash and wax

- Exterior receives a thorough wash

-Wheels / Calipers / Wheel wells cleaned

- Door jambs properly cleaned

- A synthetic sealant is then applied to the exterior

  enhancing gloss and protection

- Expect 4-6 months of protection 

Starting at $125

decontamination and wax

- Includes everything in wash and wax

- Iron remover sprayed to break down deposits

- Clay bar is used to remove remaining deposits

   and create a slick clean finish

- Vehicle is then washed thoroughly again

- Sealant is then applied to exterior

starting at $150


interior cleaning

- Carpets vacuumed and shampooed as needed 

- Leather cleaned if applicable

- Steam cleaning to sanitize and break down                       dirt, and oils.

- Windows cleaned

- All interior plastics cleaned and treated

- Headliners spot cleaned as needed

starting at $100


paint corrections

- Full Corrections / Wet Sanding

- Two Step Corrections

- One Step Corrections

- Thorough exterior detail

- Decontamination and Clay

- Paint Thickness Measured

- Trim and plastics properly taped off 

- Corrections are vehicle specific

price upon inspection



Ceramic coatings

-Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light  5 Year 9H    Coating

-Gtechniq CSL Black / CSL topped with EXOV4

-Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra 9 Year 10H Coating

-Gtechniq CSU Black / CSU topped with EXOV4

- Wheel & Caliper Coatings

- Plastic Trim Coatings

- Glass Coatings

- Fabric & Leather

call for pricing



- PH Neutral Foam Lathering

- Engine, Wheels, Chain Guards degreased as needed

- Chrome Polished were applicable

- Paint Correction as needed

- Plastic Trim Coated

- Painted Surfaces Ceramic Coated

- Wheels Ceramic Coated

starting at $200