Zach's Dynamic Detailing
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Protection for all Surfaces


Total Surface Protection Package

After your vehicle has been detailed and protected we prep and apply coatings for your glass, wheels, leather or fabric, dash, door panel and carpets. These treatments also incorporate Biocote® anti-bacterial protection to ensure your vehicle’s interior remains as hygienic as possible. We will include an ultra-durable coating for your exhaust tips, callipers, engine bay plastics, head lights and tail lights. This is the total package!


Dynamic Detail with Gtechniq C2

Your vehicle will receive a full paint decontamination, hand wash, wheel cleaning and application of Gtechniq C2, which provides effective protection from UV and dirt for 6-8 months. It adds extreme repellency to the surface of your car which means water and dirt will bead from the surface. Contaminants are less likely to stick to the surface, making your car easier to maintain.

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We are certified Glassparency installers. Glassparency is a hydrophobic glass coating that increases driver safety by repelling water, reducing glare and enhancing the overall performance of the glass. Ice, snow and road dirt are much easier to remove and it even protects against acid rain, corrosion and hard mineral build up.

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Wheels & Caliper Coating

The wheels and calipers are thoroughly cleaned and rid of any road debris and tar. We use a specially forumalated Gtechniq coating which has been proven to outlast other wheel coatings and gives you 1-2 years of protection. This unique formula repels brake dust, dirt and other contaminants making it easier to keep your wheels clean.


Leather, Fabric & Soft Top Roof

These ultra durable coatings protect against bacteria, ink stains, liquid spills, food, odors, dye transfer, cracking, splitting and general wear and tear. With added Biocote® antimicrobial technology that kills 99.9% of bacteria that comes into contact with the surface making your car a more hygienic place to be, for you, and your family.


Dash, Door Panel & Carpet

Enhances the interior surfaces while protecting them from scuff marks and stains. Loaded with Biocote® antimicrobial technology which kills 99.9% of bacteria that comes into contact with the surface, feet on the dash, no problem.

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Plastic Restoration

Have your plastic trim pieces faded over the years? We have a solution that will leave them looking brand new and protected for up to two years. Our product uses a chemical bond to become an extension of the plastic molecule that it is protecting, making it far superior to any over the counter solution.


Engine Bay Detail

Engine detailing is often overlooked but is an essential piece to the overall detailing process. Over time grease, salt, dirt and oil build up in the engine bay. This detail includes a thorough degreasing, high pressure steam clean as well as cleaning and coating for all the plastics.